Four Colour Thoughts – Avengers #675

The Creators – Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub – Writer, Pepe Larraz – Artist, David Curiel – Colours, VC’s Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Lighting (formerly ‘The Living’), Avengers, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Unity Squad, Hawkeye, Red Wolf, U.S. Avengers, Champions, X-Men, Captain America

The Story – The Earth has been kidnapped, some heroes get frozen and things are not looking so well.

The Take – With this particular issue of the Avengers, Marvel takes it weekly to tell a story that will encompass every team that falls under the Avengers umbrella and it begins with some strange happenings in the sky. Across the globe, the various heroes react to what is going on and it soon becomes apparent that something extremely large-scale and game-changing is taking place and one hero left out in the cold is Captain Marvel – the proverbial outsider looking in and what she sees is an empty void where the Earth once stood. The writers of this tale which include Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub among them do a great job at setting everything up for what is to follow; the only thing they left out is that sense of urgency which in turn would have translated to a more palpable form of excitement. Yes, it does feel like a big story and not only because the reader is given to know that it will be as such, but because the writers do their job at establishing that and provide a cliff-hanger that tells the reader they have to come back for more because it is going to be not only important, but really important. Still, while it was a good read and one that managed to keep the reader’s interest piqued, a little more excitement would not have been a bad thing to get readers a little more invested in it. Good to see was the fact that a lot of Avengers were touched on, new and lapsed like Lightning (once The Living Lightning) who begins the book off, as well as others like Hawkeye and Red Wolf whose title had recently been cancelled. Though it does seem like there might be a lot of heroes to feature in the pages of one book even if it is weekly, Waid and company throw in a plot device that takes a number of them off the table to keep things interesting. Additionally, there is perhaps one scene that is supposed to feel important but ends up doing the opposite because of the characters involved – that being New Wasp and Jarvis. Once again poor Jarvis gets hurt in the line of duty which is always terrible and New Wasp is emotionally devastated and while readers should feel for her, it probably would have felt a little more impactful if it were Original Wasp as New Wasp is still just that – new. On the whole though, Avengers #675 provides a fair amount of entertainment and is a fun read with some great artwork by Pepe Larraz, spot-on characterization and two mysteries that may or may not be connected and that for all intents and purposes, could end up making this of the best stories to hit the book in the last couple of years.

Worth It? – Yes.

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