Issue by Issue – The Son of Satan #2

Writer – John Warner
Artist – Sonny Trinidad
Inker – Sonny Trinidad
Colours – Phil Rachelson
Letters – Irving Watanabe

With the second issue of the series, author John Warner decides to use the bulk of it to tell an origin story and it is not for Daimon Hellstrom, but The Possessor who takes center stage. Though Warner does tend to wander into familiar territory while telling this tale, he makes it utterly compelling and of course, things are slightly different due to the various circumstances and such. The reader soon discovers that The Possessor was once a boy named Raphael Zoran and was the son of a circus illusionist named The Great Zoran. Life was not easy, filled with abuse and the death of his mother, the only good thing in his life up to that point. Warner then shows the boy growing up and coming into powers of his own, gifts which he uses to make his life easier but it is not enough for it is not wealth, but power that he covets. Zoran soon finds after being attacked by a couple of demons that he has the ability to possess them and that is indeed what he does taking the reader to the present day and his plans for Daimon Hellstrom. The rest of the book is filled with action as Hellstrom seeks out his foe and with them some answers, leading him to Arizona and another portal to Hell. He encounters Baphomet whom he confuses for his father and that is when the action begins with The Possessor and his minion Nightfire soon joining in as well. Stepping in for this issue is Sonny Trinidad whose pencils suit the material perfectly. The story itself is not scary so much visually as it is tonally and yet Trinidad manages to make it as moody as possible with the help of Phil Rachelson, the use of colours and shading bringing forth the horror more than anything else. Good to see was the introduction of another plotline, a minor one involving Daimon possibly getting a new job and with the shock ending that Warner serves up, the book is definitely shaping up quite nicely.

4 out of 5

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