Four Colour Thoughts – Phoenix Resurrection #1

The Creators – Matthew Rosenberg – Writer, Leinil Francis Yu – Artist, Gerry Alanguilan – Inker, Rachelle Rosenberg – Colours, VC’s Travis Lanham – Letters

The Players – Various X-Men, Jean Grey

The Story – Strange things are happening all over the world and the X-Men break up into teams to find out what is going on. That and Jean Grey might be back from the dead.

The Take – Unbeknownst to many who thought they would avoid this title, it has turned out to be the book that features the return of a character that was completely unexpected. In fact, Matthew Rosenberg peppers in more than one possible resurrection and to say it is a little surprising is putting it lightly. If one were to simply judge the book by the title, one would most assuredly guess that this was a story heralding the return of Jean Grey from the dead and they would be right in one respect given Marvel’s completely spoilery advertising when it comes 2018’s plans for the X-books and the recently announced Jean Grey-helmed X-Men Red title. Yet, Rosenberg has seemingly not stopped at just Jean Grey, if this story is to be believed, at least for the moment that is. There are two other major characters and at least two minor supporting characters that also make an appearance and unless this is a dream sequence or a psychic manifestation of some kind, it could be what many X-fans have been waiting for. It also does not necessarily mean a return to the greatness that the X-family of titles used to be before the Bendis era began, but it might be a step in the right direction. For all intents and purposes, if this goes according to plan and things pan out, X-Men Red could be the X-book everyone has been waiting for – aside from Astonishing that is. Blue and Gold are all right, but they are not exactly moving the franchise forward, merely keeping it in a holding pattern and if Jean Grey is the character that can lead the charge back to the top of the sales charts along with at least one of the other previously unnamed characters, than this is where it is going to begin and the book that everyone should be reading. On the other hand, it is possible none of that could happen, but as it is, the first issue of Phoenix Resurrection is off to a strong and interesting start and has come along at just the right time.

Worth It? – Yes.

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  1. I completely forgot about Phoenix Resurrection #1 this week, with Christmas and everything. Sounds like a great start to this storyline, will have to check it out. Your thoughts make it sound very interesting indeed! 🙂

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