Mutated, Deadly and on the Loose – Spiders (2000)

Judging by the title alone, Spiders is a movie about just that and luckily for the viewer that takes a chance on this film, they happen to be giant spiders as well. There have been many films over the years featuring giant insects and a lot of them have been good with a few that never really measured up. Spiders falls into the latter category for the most part and there is very little to redeem it. Starring Lana Parrilla in the lead as a reporter who is both a conspiracy theorist and completely gullible, she literally falls into a story about a crash-landed space shuttle, not realizing that on board said vessel are genetically modified spiders that have a fondness for human flesh. Suffice it to say, things do not end up going very well for the reporter and she and her friends are going to have their hands full just trying to survive.

Spiders is essentially about two things – the titular creatures and Parrilla’s character. The filmmakers do a decent job on the first and a terrible job on the second and because of that, the movie suffers for it. Some of it can be attributed to the dialogue which could have obviously been a bit better, some to the humour that almost seemed forced into the film and lastly to Parrilla herself who at this point in her career, was not the actress everyone knows and loves today. Here, she stumbles through and becomes somewhat painful to watch at times and is thankfully balanced out by the pace of the movie which is non-stop once the mutated spiders come into play. Sometimes bad acting, script, special effects and what have you can all come together into a perfect storm of bad and make for a great viewing experience, yet here that is simply not the case and it only happens to be all right at best.

As with all giant creature features, they do rely upon special effects and here they were not all that bad. There were a couple of times that they looked a little spotty, but overall, seeing those spiders tear through their human hosts was quite good, if a little disturbing. So with more actual bad than good found within this picture and while it does surprisingly hook the viewer in once it gets going during the second act, Spiders is a film worth missing unless one happens to be a huge Lana Parrilla fan or somebody who really likes awful movies.

1.5 out of 5

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