Zombiesaurus Sounds Better – Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2017)

Take some meteors/EMP blasts, a crazy scientist with some mysterious vials of goo, a dinosaur who is soon zombified, some military goons and a bunch of clueless twenty-somethings and you have a film called Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead which is about as terrible a title as one could possibly think of, but fitting for the schlock found within. Zombiesaurus as it was known in the United Kingdom is a far better moniker for the movie, but no matter what it is called, the film is both entertaining and terrible for all the same reasons.

Plot-wise, the film meanders all over the place and it sometimes makes little to no sense at all. The one thing that does keep a constant is the fact that those aforementioned soldiers and civilians must stay ahead of the zombie-dinosaur if they want to stay alive and try not to run into the crazy scientist who wants to essentially destroy the world with his zombie virus. To say the story needed a little work is putting it lightly, but it does manage to grab the viewer because no matter how disjointed it is, seeing where it leads is hugely compelling as directors Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick at least instilling a bit of suspense along the way. While there are a couple of positives to be found in this production, overall it looked poor due to the lack of budget, the special effects fairly horrendous aside from the dinosaur. On top of that, the acting was cringe-worthy and the dialogue extremely bad with really dated references like ‘Duke Nukem’ and ‘Gameboy’ unless the picture was set in the past, though no reference is given. One thing that is for sure, while seeing where it leads is one thing, there is no emotional impact or empathy felt for any of the characters. If all of them died within the span of five minutes and the movie ended, all would be well in the world and probably would have made this picture all the better.

Obviously the movie could have been much improved, but it is not every day that you see a filmmaker wanting to bring a tale featuring a zombie-dinosaur to life and one has to take what they can get. The biggest plot hole of all in this film was the very presence of the prehistoric creature and that in itself might make for a movie in and of itself, but for what it was Z/Rex was somewhat palatable.

1 out of 5

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