A Force of Nature Against the Undead – Bigfoot Vs. Zombies (2016)

Watching this film, one has to give director and writer Mark Polonia credit for doing his best with what he had. Bigfoot Vs. Zombies sounds like a no-brainer – a winner by and standard and yet the awesomeness of the title simply did not translate to the screen as well as one would have hoped. What began as a fantastic idea did not materialize into the expected and why would it? The title alone is so good, one automatically has to know that this would end up being a no-budget movie and usually when there is no money to be had, there is no real quality either.

Suffice it to say, as cheap as it was, there was still a bit of charm about it, especially when you see the guy running around in his bigfoot get-up purchased from the local costume shop. Ultimately, the story matters little because it is so ridiculous and the acting so bad, that all one can do is either go along for the ride or simply turn it off. That being said, for those that stay tuned in, a few chuckles might be had and if one ever wondered what it might look like if a bigfoot fought a few zombies, this movie might satiate a little of that curiosity. Ultimately it is not that good and it is not the worst out there, but it is close.

0.5 out of 5

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