Four Colour Thoughts – Betty & Veronica: Vixens #1

The Creators – Jamie Lee Rotante – Writer, Eva Cabrera – Artist, Elaina Unger – Colours, Rachel Deering – Letters

The Players – Betty, Veronica, Archie, Reggie, Southside Serpents

The Story – After going for a ride on Archie’s motorbike and running afoul of the Southside Serpents, Betty along with Veronica decide to start a biker gang.

The Take – In this new era of Archie Comics where they have done everything from horror to reimagining its main line of books, they add yet another new take and title in the form of Betty & Veronica: Vixens. Once again forgoing the classic style of illustration that has served them well for over seventy years, they enlist Eva Cabrera and the book looks amazing with a very distinctive flavour that definitely delights. As for what happens, Jamie Lee Rotante starts things off in the present with Betty and Veronica and an already established girl-gang at their backs. Flashing back three weeks, we find Betty wanting a date with Archie, but him continually blowing her off when she discovers the truth from Reggie. It seems the two of them have been riding their motorcycles around town and so she and Veronica decide to join them. It is after this when Betty and Archie accidentally stir things up with the legendary Southside Serpents and when the retaliate against Riverdale, Betty and Veronica decide to do something about it. Seeing the two ladies start a biker gang is something that is completely unexpected from the two, especially when factoring in their personalities. Going out on dates, to dances and parties and playing jokes on their friends are things that have been most associated with the two, so seeing them do something a little out of their wheelhouse is a good thing and definitely adds a layer to their characters. With some truly fantastic artwork, a fun story and the chance to see Riverdale’s good girls as bad girls, Vixens is off to a strong start.

Worth It? – Yes

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