Four Colour Thoughts – Doomsday Clock #1

The Creators – Geoff Johns – Writer, Gary Frank – Artist, Brad Anderson – Colours, Rob Leigh – Letters

The Players – Rorschach (not the original), Ozymandias, Marionette, Mime, Clark Kent, Lois Lane

The Story – The world is ending and with a little help, Ozymandias knows just how to save it.

The Take – Geoff Johns and Gary Frank take readers back to Earth-4, better known as the Watchmen universe and it is here that readers are made privy to the final hours of the planet Earth and all those that reside upon it. Beginning with Rorschach, who should be dead and is because there is a different man underneath the mask, the man has been tasked with freeing Marionette from prison. The reason is simple enough – to help save the world and yet she refuses to do so without her husband Mime, who coincidentally is also being held at the same facility. Johns spins a compelling web and it definitely hearkens back to those books that Moore wrote decades ago and feels just like them, albeit slightly fresh in its dialogue. There are a few tidbits from the headlines today that readers might notice in the background, specifically regarding a certain president, yet they never get in the way of the man trying to tell a good story and that he does indeed do. Rorschach is just as interesting a character as his forbear, if a little more broken and new characters Marionette and Mime are spectacular, particularly the latter with his ‘weapons’. One thing that felt a little out of place was the fact that Ozymandias seemed a little defeated, something the ‘world’s smartest man’ should not be, but given his circumstances, it does essentially fit the story. Hearing the man admit that there is nothing he can do to save the world is not something that is expected, but it does set the book up for those that follow and thus piques the reader’s interest to no end. The story does leave off on Clark and Lois and while it is not exactly thrilling, it is intriguing and makes one wonder what is going to happen next. Frank’s artwork is quite beautiful and quite possibly the best he has ever done while Brad Anderson’s colours really make it pop from page to page. For a first chapter, the book does everything right by making the reader want to come back for more. The fact that it is also going to be a self-contained series also makes it a big draw and a smart move on DC’s part.

Worth It? – Yes

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