Issue by Issue – The Eternals #19

Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Colours – Glynis Wein
Letters – Mike Royer

The nineteenth issue of The Eternals would be its last, aside from an annual that is, and Jack Kirby sends it off with a both a bang and a whimper. There was quite a bit of action to be had as Ikaris tries his best to defeat Druig and stop the man from unearthing the one weapon that can destroy the Celestials and it is thrilling to say the least, but it is slightly tempered by the fact that nothing follows this. When Kirby began this book, he introduced a storyline involving the Celestials that looked as if it would run for quite some time. Characters like Ajak and Professor Damian were up exploring the past and the present of these giant beings, Zuras and some of his fellow Eternals like Makkari and Sersi were trying to make peace with humanity in order to weather whatever might be the fallout from the study being done by the Celestials and the Deviants were simply up to no good. Almost none of that was present in the last two issues of this series, instead it would be a two-parter involving Ikaris and it is a shame that nothing else would follow this. The plot that would feature Druig, the son of the leader of the Polar Eternals would be some of Kirby’s best work on the series, with the stakes being as high as they were, the pace racing along at breakneck speed – especially during this last issue and of course, enough drama to really hammer home the consequences of failure to the reader should Ikaris be unable to stop the villain. It was good and the fact that it had to end leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Perhaps the storyline would get wrapped up in another title, The Eternals Saga in Thor perhaps, but not being able to finish it on its own in a book without its creator is always something that never sits well. Kirby’s artwork is fantastic as always and the man’s concepts come alive on the page just as big and as bold as ever. Mike Royer is on point and Glynis Wein always makes the pages look their best, but knowing that for a time at least, that the story of the Eternals would come to an end, leaves one feeling dissatisfied no matter how good this last issue might have been. The one good thing about this series though would be the impact felt by it over the years and the continued appearance of Kirby’s creations to this very day.

4 out of 5

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  1. I want Marvel to reprint the Eternals Omnibus, dammit. These articles are just so frustrating. I never collected the entire run (I think I managed up to issue twelve or so) and the issues I do have are up in the loft somewhere. Come on, Marvel…

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