Issue by Issue – The Eternals #16

Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Colours – Glynis Wein
Letters – Mike Royer

The robotic Hulk has been out of control for far too long and now it is time for the creature to face mighty Zuras – leader of the Eternals. As readers might have expected, things end fairly quickly as Zuras draws the cosmic energy out of the monster, but not so fast that the creature has time to leap away, bury itself under the Earth and cause a gas explosion. Zuras sends Makkari and Ikaris after the beast, but what they encounter is not the Hulk, but a foe far more deadly who ends up making them battle against each other. Jack Kirby packs another issue full of action and this time he brings Zuras into the fray with a two-fold agenda. The first thing he does is essentially strip the Hulk of its power and the second and more interesting of the tasks is to address the press and thus all of humankind with the proclamation that he, the Eternals and humanity must now all come together and work towards the future as one. It makes the reader wonder if it could really work and while it is nice to do so, mankind will never accept the fact that they are a lesser race, that there is someone or somebody out there that is smarter and stronger than they are. As for the Hulk robot, his fate seems to be sealed after the explosion but with that comes the emergence of a new villain for the Eternals to deal with, one straight out of the past that Zuras had believed taken care of for all time. Yet thanks to the gas explosion, this new monster is free and it is a powerful being, one that rivals Zuras in sheer might and that also makes the reader question if Zuras will be enough this time around to take care of the creature. Kirby’s artwork is as spectacular as ever, highlighted by the incomparable Mike Royer. Glynis Wein also deserves a lot of credit for bringing this story to four-colour life, the book always looking gorgeous with its very bright hues. This issue also sees Makkari and Ikaris getting just as much prominence as Zuras, though much of it spent in battle while Sersi and the Eternal’s human companions take a backseat for the moment, sure to change with the next book. A fun story, filled with just as much drama as there was action.

4 out of 5

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