Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Dark Forest: An Indie/Folk/Alternative

Just in time for Halloween, alexrainbird creates another great playlist full of appropriately moving music that transcends the scariest day of the year, making for a good listen any time, Halloween or not.


0:00 Nick Kingswell — Swim
3:56 Terrible Sons — White Ribbon
7:07 Lloyd Llewellyn — Long Way Down
10:20 Zach Winters — These Are The Days
14:39 The Empty House Band — Sweeter The Sound
18:34 Jacob Lee — Demons
22:41 Family of Things — Come and Gone
27:03 Joshua Burnside — Blood Drive
30:48 Jordan Moore — Tell The Wolves
36:10 Cold Weather Company — Clover
40:17 AIHVHIA — Dont Look Back
44:20 Native — Ocean
49:43 Mitch King — Burning
53:07 Brother. — 1000
57:14 George Ogilvie — October
1:02:16 Bella McKendree — Waiting
1:05:41 ethansroom — Sadie
1:08:26 The Tide Rose — On The Road

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