Parties, Good Times and Murder – Rush Week (1988)

In and of itself, Rush Week is a horror but when a killer is factored in and a number of dead bodies, something is obviously wrong. Rush Week is a movie about just such a thing and with some added nudity, necrophilia and a creepy photographer, it tends to be just a little more interesting than the average slasher. The only drawback of the whole film is the fact that there is very little blood to be had. While the movie is ultimately entertaining, the lack of blood and guts and all the kills being done off-screen takes quite a bit away from the film and leaves it being less than a classic of the genre.

What the picture lacks in horror, it more than makes up for in comedy and while it might have been funny at the time, it is extremely dated and viewers will more than likely watch it with disinterest more than anything else. The one thing that keeps the audience intrigued is waiting to see if journalism student Pamela Ludwig is going to survive or not. Her character is daring, if not a little too much at times, yet she is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the story even if it means putting herself in danger to do so. The rest of the cast plays the stereotypical teenagers quite well, rounding out the movie with bodies for the killer to choose from though it is Ludwig he ultimately wants as she is getting far too close to revealing his identity.

The featured killer of the movie is just a guy in a mask with a double-bladed axe, a fairly unoriginal costume with a weapon that makes no sense whatsoever. It is not as if the man can simply walk around campus with it, waiting to kill his next victim. The best slashers feature those who carry something concealable on their bodies or who make use of what is around them – the opportunity and randomness of it all making the crime far more frightening.  Sure, getting killed by an axe is going to suck, but the killer also does not seem all that fast, so why not just run away from him?

As it is, Rush Week was all right. The nudity and the college hijinks far outweighed the horror within, but when all was said and done, it is not the worst slasher that a person could see and overall, was a fun watch.

3 out of 5

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