Truly, a… – Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare (1987)

One can only wonder if there was ever a more aptly titled picture than Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare. Sadly, while it seems like a lock that the viewer will dislike this movie to no end, it actually becomes quite entertaining despite everything that is wrong with it. Alternatively, one can say that it is so enjoyable because of everything that is right with it. However it is looked at, the film is a mess, but it never stops it from being goofy fun and more than anything else, people watch movies to have a good time and this movie is indeed that.

Starring former body-builder, part-time actor and rock god Jon Mikl Thor, he and his band Triton hole up in a house for a month in order to get their act together and perhaps record a few songs when they come under attack by the forces of Satan. Surprise, surprise after everyone has fallen, one man stands alone and it is none other than lead singer Triton as he goes one-on-one with the Devil.

For all intents and purposes, the movie is ridiculous and yet there is enough there to captivate the audience that one never quite manages to turn it off until all is said and done. The acting is pretty flat by all involved, the kills a little dull and the creature effects incredibly horrid. A few are inventively used like the hand that bursts forth from the one guy’s chest, but for the most part they look fake and not in a good Roger Corman/campy type of way. There is a lot of cheese present, perhaps more so in this picture than in any other movie ever made, but it all comes together in a surprisingly competent manner.

Suffice it to say, Jon Mikl may not be the Thor everyone wants, but he might be the Thor that everyone needs – especially after watching this movie. Definitely a good-bad kind of film.

1 out of 5

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