It Was a… – Silent Madness (1984)

Silent Madness is a slasher film, released in 1984 and more than anything, is a paint-by-numbers affair. There is nothing that has not been seen before, though it tries to be a little more dramatic by showing some interoffice politics and arguments from an up and coming doctor played by Belinda Montgomery and the establishment she works for. The main problem with the film, despite being shot in 3-D, is the fact that it is extremely dull. It plods along and even the accidentally released lunatic who looks to pick back up on the killings he started long ago is not enough to make it the least bit exciting. Sure, it relieves the boredom that has set in for a minute or two every now and then, but for the most part, watching this movie is more of a chore than anything else.

Out of everything present, it was not the scenes with the killer which were all that interesting, but the scenes in the hospital having to do with the care of the patients. Notwithstanding all of it being a little dry, the real horror in the film came from seeing the way the patients were treated, psychotic or not. With the killer, one already knows what he is going to do essentially and it is completely expected yet when it comes to the hospital, and while a person can guess as to what goes on, seeing it is still somewhat shocking. As it is though, there is a lot this picture that could have done better, from the choice of actors, script and score, all of it could have been taken up a notch to create something that would excite the viewer, something for the audience to be invested in and sadly, it just never showed up.

Starring the aforementioned Montgomery and Viveca Lindfors of all people, it was not as if there was not enough talent present, they simply never brought it. At nearly an hour and a half long, the film dragged for most of it and would have benefitted from being cut down by at least a third. Silent Madness is not a terrible movie, but not a good one either and is about as much fun as staring at a blank piece of paper.

2 out of 5

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