Music, Snow and Cannibals – Blood Tracks (1985)

A band called Solid Gold is looking to shoot a new music video and decide to do so in the Colorado Mountains. Unbeknownst to them, after playing some of their horrid music, they cause an avalanche which traps them in an abandoned factory that is ultimately, not so abandoned as they might think. Residing within is a cannibalistic family that had moved there some years earlier, becoming so over time after the matriarch of the family killed her abusive husband and moved them all into said mountains. Suffice it to say, not too many members of the band are going to make it out alive.

There is not a lot to love about Blood Tracks, almost everything about it being so poor due to its budget. The script and the acting were fairly terrible, though comparable at least to every other grade Z film out there. The makeup and special effects were little better though there were a couple of inventive kills, those that the audience were able to see that is, as the producers obviously thought lighting was not essential to the project. It is a very dark film, darker than most and while it takes quite a bit away, it does paint a picture of what it would be like in ‘real world’ conditions. Putting that aside, it would have been nice to actually see what everyone was doing. The score for the film was not all that bad, but the music by the band was awful which lent an air of doubt as to the band’s success. A positive for the film was the amount of action they managed to pack into it, not to mention a fair amount of suspense as the band and the crew try to make it out alive. It might have begun a little poorly, but it managed to play out quite strongly during the final act, fully capturing one’s attention with blood and fury.

Though it might have some faults, Blood Tracks is by no means the worst film about cannibals that has ever hit the big screen. Such as it is, it is not a movie that one will ever need to seek out, but if it is on television one very late night, a person could do worse.

2.5 out of 5

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