One Last Song Before Death – Rocktober Blood (1984)

While many horror films are associated with all kinds of music – from John Carpenter to Goblin, sometimes some good old-fashioned rock and roll is all that is needed to set one picture apart from the next. That is not to say that the songs within this motion picture are the greatest a person has ever heard, but they are not all that bad in actuality and the music is what makes this movie far better than it would have been otherwise.

Tray Loren stars as Billy, an up and coming singer in a band which also comprises his girlfriend Lynn as played by Donna Scoggins. After a night of recording he leaves, inexplicably comes back later and murders two people and while getting high, is discovered by Lynn who is then saved by a couple of security guards. A couple of years later, Lynn is in a new band while Billy rests six feet under courtesy of the state and yet, he comes back to haunt Lynn – seemingly alive and starts killing even more people, promising Lynn that she will soon follow.

Mixing horror and music always makes for a good time and this movie, as cheesy as it is, turns out to be a lot of fun. Loren is a very charismatic killer unlike other slashers where the murderers in question are fairly dour as they go about their business. Billy really enjoys what he is doing, loves tormenting Lynn and with the drop of each successive body, the tension and suspense increase until that final showdown and showdown it is. By the end of the film, Billy is found to be dead and the man masquerading as him as his twin brother and now he and Lynn are handcuffed on stage as he performs a couple of hard-hitting numbers before he means to kill her. As stated, the music is pretty decent and an integral part of the film though it is not Loren who sings or plays the songs but a band called Sorcery. Most of the songs the viewer will just kind of gloss over, but when that finale hits, one cannot help but be enamoured of Loren’s performance.

Not everything in this movie is all that good – it is a tad overlong, the beginning is a little slow and the production quality is not all that fantastic, but when all is said and done, the film is a hoot and one cannot help but enjoy it.

3 out of 5

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