Issue by Issue – Beowulf #6

Writer – Michael Uslan
Artist – Ric Estrada
Inker – Ricardo Villamonte
Colours – Liz Safian

After escaping the sinking of Atlantis, Micael Uslan sends Beowulf and Nan-Zee to the island of Crete where they hope to find the fabled Zumak fruit. The only problem standing in their way is the legendary maze erected by King Minos and a Minotaur which just so habits to inhabit said structure. To say it will not be easy is something both Beowulf and Nan-Zee realize, but they are determined to complete their quest. Uslan does not only chronicle the path of the heroes though, but the villains as well as Grendel looks to make himself King of Hell, deposing Satan and his new ward, Dracula. It is an interesting turn of events and while it would be nice to see the ramifications of that particular act, this sixth issue of Beowulf would also be the series’ last. It presents one large problem and that being the abrupt ending to Beowulf’s adventures and no resolution to the feud between Grendel and the hero. Though one can assume that at some point Beowulf would defeat the creature, not being able to witness it or anything else that would take place on the road to that battle is incredibly dissatisfying. The story does finish with Beowulf and Nan-Zee beating the Minotaur, claiming the Zumak fruit and now being ready for the fight with Grendel, while he has deposed his father to assume command of Hell. So while it looks like the next issue might have finished off the story, it would ultimately never be realized. The shame about everything here is that this book was a good one with a great story by Uslan and some fantastic artwork by Ric Estrada and Ricardo Villamonte, but as a series end-cap, it simply does not work. Suffice it to say, there was unlimited potential to be had, but it would forever remain untold and Beowulf’s adventures would come to an end in this title.

4 out of 5

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