Issue by Issue – Beowulf #3

Writer – Michael Uslan
Artist – Ricardo Villamonte

Beowulf and his crew which include Nan-Zee and Wiglaf among their number have set sail to find the black serpent in order to procure its venom so that he might defeat Grendel, servant of Satan. Michael Uslan writes a story that never fails to entertain with this issue as the heroes move from one threat to the next. It begins with a giant squid who rises from the depths of the sea to attack the heroes and it is indeed a formidable creature. Suffice it to say, it is no match for Beowulf and the monster is soon defeated. Following that is a confrontation with the very suspect Unferth, a summoning of Wyrd, a mysterious island filled with dangers of its own and finally, the object of their quest. High adventure is the name of the game when reading this book and the creators never fail to make it so. Continuing on art duties is Ricardo Villamonte whose work remains quite sumptuous, his pages ranging from scenes of horror to acts of bravery. One character that is becoming more than interesting is Nan-Zee who started off as somewhat of a villain, but is now a trusted friend and one who wishes to stand with Beowulf against all obstacles. There even seems to be some sort of romantic angle involved in the situation, though if Beowulf feels the same about the warrior-woman, it remains to be seen. Even Grendel makes an appearance this issue, though it is only for a moment, the creature getting more and more impatient by the day, wanting to attack and to kill with only Satan holding it back. Satan too, is quite the character who is more than a little intriguing. He must be extremely bored in his infernal realm if he has to meddle in the affairs of those who are the living, but if he did not, then all of this adventuring would be for moot. As it is, Beowulf’s quest is moving along at a good pace and as he moves on to the next phase of his journey, one can be sure that it will be a very excellent read.

4 out of 5

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