Bye Bye My Love Goodby-eye – The Bye Bye Man (2016)

Some declare The Bye Bye Man to be awful – the script, the acting and the special effects to be lacking. To a point, those people may be right and sure, there are problems but the film is not all that bad. The worst thing about it is the fact that it is an exercise in cliché, a movie that is completely formulaic and utterly predictable, even for those that do not watch horror movies. One can literally tell what is going to happen once strange things start happening and it is immediately apparent, that the Bye Bye Man is going to kill everyone in the house because a person does not summon a monster without a little blood being shed.

Nearly everything that is wrong with this film can be chalked up to the story the filmmakers wanted to tell, which in this case was about a vengeful spirit/demon who when called forth, kills those who have heard its name. One of the biggest mistakes that failed to give the movie any purpose was the fact that there was no backstory given, no rhyme or reason as to why this Bye Bye Man was doing what it was doing. Truth be told, not all monster movies need an explanation as to why said creature is terrorizing whatever it is terrorizing, but here it is hinted at and it simply failed to materialize.  That being said, it does play out as expected with many meeting a grisly fate, but it could have been much more if given a little tender loving care.

When it comes down to it, there were some thrills and kills to be had and even a couple of scares, especially during the opening scene which was both frightening and disturbing, but this story has been told before in better ways and it makes this film redundant. It is not the worst thing a person will ever see and it is not a complete waste of time as it will generally entertain those who need something to pass the time with, but if given a chance to watch something else, then do so.

2 out of 5

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