Four Colour Thoughts – Future Quest Presents #1

The Creators – Jeff Parker – Writer, Ariel Olivetti – Artist, A Larger World Studios – Letters

The Players – Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, Blip, The Herculoids

The Story – Space Ghost is feeling pangs of loneliness and remembering what the Space Force used to be like in the past when he was just another member and not its only one. Now he wants to make those memories real and make the Space Force what it used to be.

The Take – Beginning with Future Quest, Jeff Parker brought together many of Hanna-Barbera’s science-fiction properties and he continues to do so in Future Quest Presents, focusing on the one and only Space Ghost. Though it takes place in the present, Space Ghost reflects on his past and realizes that perhaps he will not be able to patrol the entirety of space by himself for the rest of his years. To that effect, he decides to head to Azmot – home of the Herculoids and procure more of the element needed to make more Power Bands, the fabled weapon used by the Space Force. Parker knows his stuff and Space Ghost along with the rest of the cast feel exactly as they should, their characterization spot on. Aiding in that effort is Ariel Olivetti who has been one of those quintessential Space Ghost artists ever since that first DC miniseries came out many years ago starring the erstwhile hero. Even better is seeing Olivetti’s depictions of the Herculoids, characters which have not gotten a lot of love over the years, but remain some of the most interesting ones to inhabit Hanna-Barbera’s corner of the science-fiction genre. Teaming up the two worlds seems only natural considering the fantastic properties of both and thanks to Parker and Olivetti; it turns out to be quite seamless. One has to wonder though, if Space Ghost is successful in gathering the ore he needs, will the Space Force be able to rise from the ashes and become the galactic guardians they once were? It is no small task that he is trying to accomplish and there are those that have no wish in seeing him succeed. To that effect, the book does end with a villain reveal, teasing a confrontation which should make things pretty exciting. The only downside to the book was that it was slightly light on action, but the story was good, the pacing great and the artwork amazing, so at the end of the day, any perceived faults faded away leaving a highly satisfying first issue.

Worth It? Yes

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