Looking to Expand Their Little Corner of the Planet are… – The Slime People (1963)

In Los Angeles, a subterranean race of lizard men dubbed the Slime People by the citizens of the city due to the substance that covers the creatures, they have emerged to take control of the city, covering it in fog and eliminating all those that they are able. Little of mankind remains in the city, though among them is a family which includes a professor who concludes that salt will defeat the monsters and their dome over the city, freeing whoever may be left.

The Slime People is not a good movie, but neither is it a bad one. To be specific, it is pretty terrible, but it falls under that category of ‘so bad it’s good.’ While the score and the script are worse than most and the acting fails to lift the picture off the floor, the creature design and costumes for the Slime People turned out better than expected, fearsome even in some instances when combined with the fog and that in the very least, made it somewhat palatable. While the story was good and featured a somewhat standard post-apocalyptic situation, it was put together so haphazardly with scenes that felt so out of place, it would have been almost laughable if it were not so dreadful.

The thing about it all is that no matter how bad it tended to get and bad it was, it kept the audience watching. Whether that was due to the fact that one needed to see how it ended or wanted to see just how bad it could sink, whatever the reason might have been, The Slime People was almost entertaining in a weird and fascinating way. Strange as it may seem, this movie might not seem so awful in the wee hours of the morning, but when viewed in the full light of day, it is something that should be avoided, much like the titular Slime People themselves.  Definitely bad, but surprisingly good.

1 out of 5

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