Four Colour Thoughts – Redlands #1

The Creators – Jordie Bellaire – Writer, Vanesa R. Del Rey – Artist, Jordie Bellaire – Colours, Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Townspeople, Witches

The Story – The setting is Florida, specifically Redlands in 1977 and the town is under siege by a group of witches. But who is the villain, the corruption rooted in the people of Redlands or those who seek to punish them?

The Take – There is nothing better than the discovery of a new voice in horror and Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey have become just that with their new title Redlands. The very first page drops the reader into the thick of the action as a group of people which include the town’s police force have barricaded themselves in the local sheriff’s office and are being attacked by mysterious forces. They know who is doing the attacking and they know without a doubt, that they do not stand a chance of making it through the night. The book is utterly breathtaking in its pacing, its use of suspense and horror. It is a frightening situation and it comes across in every panel upon every page and a lot of it can be chalked up to Del Rey and her incredible artwork. Just like the script that accompanies it, Del Rey’s pencils convey a sense of urgency, the tension and horror building until it is ready to burst by the end of the story and when it does, there is a revelation that leaves things off on a cliff-hanger, but as to where it will lead is anyone’s guess. Though strange things happen and the source of it is known to the men inside of the building, Bellaire and Del Rey make good use of the unknown as well. Just how the men are going to meet their fates is unclear, the threat coming from outside and from within, from all around them and it drives that fear to greater levels throughout the book. Beginning in blood and ending the same, Redlands is an exciting new title in the horror genre and one that captivates thoroughly from two of the best creators currently in the business.

Worth It? – Yes

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