Four Colour Thoughts – The Shadow #1

The Creators – Si Spurrier & Dan Watters – Writer, Daniel HDR – Artist, Natalia Marques – Colours, Simon Bowland – Letters

The Players – The Shadow

The Story – A woman who was saved from near-death by the Shadow recounts her experiences to a man in the hospital, a man she believes to be the Shadow.

The Take – The Shadow returns to serialized monthly fiction courtesy of Dynamite, Si Spurrier and Dan Watters with an assist in the art department by Daniel HDR and the hero does so with a flourish, albeit a short one. The entire book is told from the perspective of a woman treating her patient, telling a story about her past and one that involves the legendary hero. She was impressed with the man and thankful as well, so much so that it made her want to learn as much as she could about him over the years between then and now. The experience influenced her life for better or for worse and it makes the reader wonder why it is that she is telling this mystery patient this story. All of that is soon revealed as she tells the man that she believes that he is in fact the man who saved her life, but whether that is true or not is part of the mystery. Spurrier and Watters build up the tension and the mystery slowly but surely until that moment when the Shadow makes his appearance and while the reader knows it is coming, it does not lessen the impact in the least. What is most interesting about it all are two things, the first being the setting of the story where the Shadow appears, namely a school where a shooting is taking place and it grounds the book in the now for it is only recently in the last couple of decades that something like this has come to take place and something that the Shadow is normally unfamiliar in dealing with. The second is the fact that this is not a hero who only recently debuted, but the very same Shadow who was present in the nineteen thirties and who is still around today, or at the very least that is what is assumed. If anyone else had taken the mantle, it has not yet been revealed. Providing the book with some very vibrant and exciting artwork is Daniel HDR and it sets itself above the usual fare that Dynamite usually churns out making this a very promising start for the new series. If the stories going forward are as good as this one and they can keep HDR as penciller for the long haul, The Shadow will end up being a very good book indeed.

Worth It? Yes

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