Four Colour Thoughts – Mister Miracle #1

The Creators – Tom King – Writer, Mitch Gerards – Artist, Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, Highfather, Oberon

The Story – Mister Miracle performs his biggest escape yet. Or did he?

The Take – With Mister Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerards, they take a hero who has not received as much love as he should have and not only define him, but redefine him. Here, Scott Free is depicted as a man that is tired of the same old tricks, bored with the familiarity and simplicity of it all and needing something bigger and better and much harder to test his skills against. He needs a challenge that is nigh impossible to be freed from and what could be harder to escape from than death? That is where King and Gerards take us and they pack the book heavily with characterization, cameos and fantastic artwork to give the reader one of the very best reading experiences of the week. With this book, King takes a hero that many of today’s audience are not so familiar with, reminiscent of what he did with Marvel’s Vision, and crafts a thoughtful, mysterious and intriguing picture. The issue begins with a powerful image of Scott sitting on the bathroom floor, the man bleeding out after cutting his wrists and after which he awakens in the hospital, saved by Barda. One could argue at this point that the man did indeed escape death, pulled from the clutches of that eternity to continue on in a life that holds little excitement for him anymore. To that effect, what might be next for Mister Miracle now that he has defeated what might be the greatest escape of all time? A battle with Darkseid seems inevitable as the monster now has the Anti-life Equation and that is where the book leaves off, but is that it? One could also argue that Mister Miracle did not escape death, that this is all in that twilight realm between life and death and the artwork that Gerards provides, not to mention Scott’s visions, go towards perpetuating this particular theory. This is not the Mister Miracle that many might remember from the Jack Kirby comics of old, nor of the more recent incarnation as seen in Geoff Johns’ Justice League, though familiarities are present. What King presents is just another facet and a very interesting one at that, one that will make the reader think and ponder over what they have just read and it is a version of the hero that will keep readers coming back for more.

Worth it? – Yes!

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