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It Will Destroy the World – Behemoth (2011)

Behemoth is a film that has little going for it. That is not to say that there is nothing redeeming about it, because there is, but for the most part it is simply not a very good movie. It is what one would expect to see at two in the morning on a local cable channel, one of those cheaply produced films that nobody has ever heard of and one that seems far better than it is due to sleep deprivation. If viewed in the full light of day though, it does not hold up and reveals itself to be a movie that was made with almost no budget and little else to recommend.

Starring Ed Quinn, Pascale Hutton and William B. Davis from the X-Files, Behemoth details the troubles of a small town named Ascension that just so happens to be near a dormant volcano called Mount Lincoln. Suffice it to say that things are not so quiet as they once were and it looks as if the mountain is waking up. What is actually happening is much more astounding than anyone truly knows, that is expect for Davis whose crazy ramblings may just spell out the particular doom coming for them all.

What really makes this movie seem cheaper than it should be is the soundtrack which gives the audience the feeling that it was lifted from some random ABC family film from the 1970’s and regurgitated not only into this picture, but every badly made giant monster film the Syfy channel has ever graced its viewers with. It does not so much as look poor as it sounds bad and perhaps with a better score, the picture might have been just a bit better than it ended up being. Not all of its problems lie with the music though as the script is not great, the acting could have been improved and the monster of the film could have had a little more screen-time. In fact, it was the monster that was the best part of it all and it was only seen on-screen for the last couple of scenes which was quite a shame. Though it would not sport the best of special effects, the creature actually looked good and the design was great. It was something a little out of the ordinary and that is a good thing as audiences are not always treated to such. Usually in pictures such as this, it is just a standard reptile or some such evolved to gigantic proportions and while that can make for a fun time, seeing something new is even better.

If Behemoth had focused more on this creature that was destined to destroy the world, possibly the Bahamut of legend as was suggested, perhaps it would have made for a far better movie. Instead, there was a lot of drama by actors that seemed to try their best, but simply could not deliver for a variety of reasons. While it did maintain a person’s interest simply for the fact of wanting to see the payoff, meaning the creature, it could have been so much more and quite possibly a far better film. Sadly, it became a monster movie with very little monster.

2 out of 5

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