An Evil From the Past – The Pyramid (2014)

The Pyramid is one of those films that finds itself light on plot, but big on action and at least in this instance, that does not make it all that bad. A lot of people usually find movies like this a waste of time, but that is exactly what a picture like this is good for – to kill a couple of hours when a person is bored or has nothing else to watch. It is a movie that requires little from the viewer except to sit back and enjoy and though other films have done this a lot better than The Pyramid, there is still enough meat on the bones to provide some entertainment.

The film boils down to a professor and his team which includes his daughter, discovering the find of a lifetime in the form of a rare, three-sided pyramid. Unlike those who stumble across them or use traditional methods, the team has used modern satellite technology to find said pyramid and while some are upset about that, it makes no difference as it is simply too late. Watching this, one automatically knows that some of these people are going to get killed, that nothing good can come of this architectural marvel, but once it gets going, there is enough charm present to keep one’s attention, no matter how predictable it gets. So it is that the intrepid explorers encounter deadly traps, monsters and betrayal from within and all of it to their obvious detriment.

Starring Denis O’Hare who is his usual charismatic self, no matter how arrogant he seems to be, he heads up a cast comprised of Ashley Hinshaw who plays his daughter, James Buckley, Christa-Marie Nicola and Amir K. Despite the thin plot, they do a fine job of it, but there are times when the special effects do not live up to expectations and when the actors are trying to sell the material, it sometimes seems just a little ridiculous. The great thing about it all though, is that the movie does not feature the usual happy ending that one would expect. In that regard, the movie does end up surprising the audience and it leaves things open-ended, not only for a possible sequel which will most likely never happen, but it gets the viewer engaged enough to wonder just what it is that took place after the closing credits. At least it ends up being so for a minute and then it is gone, as if one never watched the film at all and that is simply due to the nature of the movie itself.

Overall, The Pyramid is a decent enough film to waste an hour and a half on. It is not something anyone would ever watch twice, but it is good enough to watch at least once.

3 out of 5

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