Issue by Issue – The Eternals #5

Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Colours – Glynis Wein
Letters – Mike Royer

Ikaris is out of commission, Ajak is trapped in the dome with the Celestials and Sersi has proven to be ineffective as she and Margo have become prisoners of the Deviants. The stakes are high in this latest issue of The Eternals by creator Jack Kirby and for the moment it finds the Deviants victorious against the Eternals, or at the least, those that stood against them. As was revealed just before Sersi’s capture, she was in contact with an Eternal named Makkari in Olympia City, home to all Eternals. Makkari notices Sersi’s plight and informs the leader of the Eternals, one Zuras by name, of what has transpired. Kirby also introduces the reader to Thena and Domo, two additional Eternals as well as giving the audience a look at a city full of them and one can see, if given a chance, that Kirby could tell dozens of stories about his latest creations so rich is this picture of alternative gods. It is interesting to note just how much Zuras and Thena resemble their classic counterparts in Zeus and Athena, though in this new Kirby reality, they are most likely one and the same, their names merely being mispronounced as in the case of Makkari who was once known as Mercury. As it is, the Eternals are spurred to action after they hear of Sersi’s capture and they arrive in New York, unleashing their impressive technology upon the Deviants below. Jack Kirby’s artwork is as impressive as ever and returning to help him out is his long-time artistic partner Mike Royer, whose inks serve to enhance Kirby’s pencils like no other. Once again, Kirby’s designs are as fantastic as can be, whether in relation to the appearance of the Deviants or to Olympia City. The book leaves off on a cliff-hanger that finally begs the question of how will humanity react to the existence of beings far greater than themselves. If one were to look to science-fiction, whether it is in books or film, it will not be with a peaceful attitude, mankind fearing anything that might be smarter or stronger than themselves. One has to remember though, that is just the Celestials they have now become aware of, they still have not met the Deviants or Eternals that are among them and that could prove just as big a shock as that first revelation. Excitement abounds as only Kirby can provide and it just gets better and better.

4 out of 5

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