Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Good Old Days ‘ Chill Jazz & Hip Hop (Summer Edition)

LTB has been putting out some good mixes for a while now and Good Old Days is another, filled with what it advertises – chill jazz and hip hop, an eclectic and truly wonderful listening experience.


00:00 Tympanik – Another Try
01:25 Tofu. – Rated X
03:45 Boubou – La Bohème
06:53 Dj Grumble – Kravitz-slapped
09:58 okvsho- – Straighten It Out
12:40 Dj Grumble – Kernel
15:10 Aster – She’s Got It
17:14 GooMar x GrandHuit – Je Vous Adore
19:46 Laster – Sakura
22:57 Laster – Smooth
27:53 Dj Quads – A Dance With You
30:49 Lakey Inspired – Summertime Love
33:15 Sid Baxter – Lait de Coco
37:34 didi crazzz – Good evening jazz
40:06 Maxgonz – Impulse #2

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