Issue by Issue – Kong the Untamed #4

Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – Tony Caravana
Inker – Jo Ingente

The book begins in the thick of action as Kong and Gurat face a pterodactyl, the pair looking for a little lunch but finding that perhaps they have bitten off a little more than they can chew. For those readers who tuned in last issue, they will remember that Kong and Gurat were being spied upon by a couple of strangers and after the defeat of the creature, they are attacked and Gurat seemingly killed. It is here that new writer Gerry Conway introduces a new tribe of people, one that worships the one true goddess and where women rule and men serve. It is completely opposite to all that Kong has known up until this point, but at the same time, it is all the same as those who hold power, know not what to do with it. Kong is understandably upset, his only friend having been killed by these people, though he survives with thanks to the leader’s daughter Sharra. Jelenna, the leader of the tribe brings Trog to mind, though Jelenna is far more cunning than Trog could probably ever be and Kong knows that if he should stay with these new people, he may not last very long. Unbeknownst to Kong, Gurat still lives, having washed up on shore some ways away and the man is not in the best of shape. There is more action to be had in the book, Kong helping out Sharra’s fiancé fight off a stegosaurus-like dinosaur in order to not only survive, but claim a part of its tail in order to appease Jelenna so that the man might marry Sharra. Also new to the book is Tony Caravana whose pencils are just as exciting and detailed as Alfredo Alcala’s were. While this new tribe is different to both the Smooth-Skins and the Beast Men, Kong still finds that he cannot call this place home, in that it is at least the same and the boy wonders if he is fated to be alone for all time. The next issue can only bring the return of Gurat to the pages and if all goes well, there will be a happy ending for all involved.

4 out of 5

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