Four Colour Thoughts – Action Comics #983

The Creators – Dan Jurgens – Writer, Viktor Bogdanovic – Artist, Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion – Inker, Mike Spicer – Colours, Rob Leigh – Letters

The Players – Superman, Supergirl, Superwoman, Lex Luthor, Steel, Kong Kenan, Zod, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, Mongul, Blanque, Superboy, Lois Lane

The Story – Superman is blind and currently at the Fortress of Solitude so that he might stop Zod and his allies from claiming the Phantom Projector and other items of Kryptonian technology for themselves. Luckily, he has a little help from the other super-peoples of the Earth.

The Take – Dan Jurgens, long-time Superman scribe who came back to the book after the previous Lois and Clark title, proves that he is one of the few who can truly make the Man of Steel, not only exciting, but interesting too. While the ‘Zod wants the Phantom Projector’ has been seen before and Superman has had to face villains who have teamed up previously, there has never been a situation quite like this. Not only is the man blind, but all of his most powerful villains have united to destroy him and making matters just a little more complicated, Superman has to look out for his family who just so happen to be on the premises. Though help has arrived in the form of those who have taken inspiration from him or are related to him, Zod has their number and the fight between the two groups is absolutely gripping. Bringing it vivid life is Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion and Mike Spicer who make that excitement quite palpable upon the page. Zod is playing for keeps as are the rest of the villains and the heroes being heroes, refuse to do what it takes to win, continuing to hold back against some of the most powerful bad guys in the universe. Suffice it to say, things do not go quite as hoped for towards the end for Superman and his allies and Jurgens delivers up an ending that really leaves things in doubt as to their fates. Great to see is the return of the classic Cyborg Superman and while one cannot help but think back to those long ago stories by Jurgens when one sees this maniac, here he seems far more sinister a villain than he ever was before and together with the rest of the cadre he has assembled, they seem to be unstoppable. Starting with Rebirth and getting better with each additional issue, it has never been better to be a Superman fan whether old or new and if a lapsed one, now is the perfect time to come back to the fold.

Worth It? – Yes

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  1. I’ve generally enjoyed Action Comics more than the main Superman book and the ‘Revenge’ arc has been pretty good but the art on this issue was a real let down for me. In an ideal world I’d love to see Patrick Zircher draw every issue.

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