Issue by Issue – Kong the Untamed #2

Writer – Jack Oleck
Artist – Alfredo Alcala
Letters – Alfredo Alcala

Now that Attu is dead at the hands of Trog, Kong finds himself alone with nothing but his resolve for revenge fuelling him on. Before he can claim that, he must survive and now that he is alone, doing so will be just a little bit harder than it was before. Jack Oleck and Alfredo Alcala start Kong off on his journey with wolves nipping at his heels and while he narrowly escapes, he does so with a discovery, learning quite by accident how to make fire. Before the savage teen can enjoy his new found ability, he finds himself captured by the Beast Men, sentenced to die by the paws of their god. In a shocking twist by Oleck, one of the Beast Men – a man by the name of Gurat whom Kong thought he slew in the last issue, frees the lad because he admires courage. There are few that can say they stood up to Gurat and Kong is one of them. As of this moment, whether Kong knows it or not, he and Gurat have just become friends and together they will face various trials including the wrath of Gurat’s own people. Alcala gives the book a real sense of excitement with his pencils and they are far more detailed than one would expect in a title such as this. Packing each page with action and a ton of energy makes it a real joy to read and when coupled with Oleck’s script, the book is hard to put down. In addition to the aforementioned artwork and script, the story is something most can relate to at least a little bit, that feeling of being an outsider and of being different. That is indeed what Kong is, but now with Gurat by his side, he at least is no longer alone and what he plans to do against Trog and the Smooth-Skins now has a better chance of coming to fruition. Altogether, the second issue of Kong the Untamed is a great package and worth the time to seek out and read.

4 out of 5

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