Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Whispering Lies

For something a little different from the norm, Kurdtbada delivers up a sweet set of tracks mixing vaporwave, beats and futurefunk to create a highly original and entertaining listening experience. Whispering Lies is definitely worth a listen or two, especially if one is tired of the same old, same old.


0:00 Toyohirakumin – ダンサー
2:47 Flamingosis – Left On Seen
4:58 Sokro – July (Loop)
6:30 ConsciousThoughts – Future Fuck
9:11 ReiJi – サティスファクション (Satisfaction)
14:35 Desired – Wake Up
17:00 悲しい ANDROID – APARTMENT – Kiss Me and Goodbye
20:39 Telan Devik – Combo breaker
24:17 ArtFluids – emOji utOpia
26:26 Submerse – Safehouse
29:00 falls – #u sorry
31:02 Dilsun – honey, don’t spend too long in the shower

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