Issue by Issue – Kong the Untamed #1

Writer – Jack Oleck
Artist – Alfredo Alcala
Letters – Alfredo Alcala

Prehistoric man did not have it easy, neither the Smooth-Skins nor the Beast Men. Not only did they battle the elements and the dangers present throughout the world, but they did so with each other as well. During one such fight, Attu gives birth to a boy which is then named Kong after a great warrior from the past. Trog the One-Eyed, fearing no man or animal, yet sensing that it would be best to get rid of the child before it becomes a threat, casts Attu and Kong out, to live and go where they would, as long as it is nowhere near the tribe. Jack Oleck and Alfredo Alcala paint an unforgiving portrait of a time gone by, one that would be hard on anyone, much less a woman and her child. As it is though, the two survive and Kong becomes tenacious in everything he does, the need to do so from the solitude and the harsh reality of his existence. Ever-present is Trog who wants nothing to do with the couple, but Attu keeps trying to ingratiate herself back to the group, knowing that it could mean a death sentence and after numerous run-ins with the Beast Men, Trog takes matters into his own hands and finishes what the Beast Men could not. It is this moment near the end of the book that sets Kong upon his path, that makes him more determined than ever to not only make Attu proud, to not only survive, but to also seek revenge upon the man that took his mother away from him. Oleck’s script and story are strong, drawing the reader into the lives of these new characters and sets their world up perfectly, not to mention giving Kong a clear purpose which leads into the second issue. Alcala’s artwork is as strong as ever – detailed, fierce and moving when the need calls for it. Though Kong is just a boy, Alcala and Oleck set him apart from the rest of the characters with his mop of blonde hair, also weaving it into the mythology of the tribe which is what eventually leads to Kong’s current predicament. With all that has happened, the creators of this story leave readers on a cliff-hanger, not wanting to wait and see if Kong will mete out his own brand of justice against those that have wronged him. Altogether, this was a thrilling tale and a perfect beginning to a new series.

4 out of 5

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