Four Colour Thoughts – Winnebago Graveyard #1

The Creators – Steve Niles – Writer, Alison Sampson – Artist, Stephane Paitreau – Colours, Aditya Bidikar – Letters

The Players – Dan, Christie, Bobby

The Story – Dark rites, resurrection, a family vacation and a very strange carnival.

The Take – Steve Niles, writer of many things horror-related, is joined by Alison Sampson and others to deliver a frightening new tale from Image Comics called Winnebago Graveyard. The book begins on a decidedly horrific note, which lets the reader know exactly what they are getting into, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The main characters are introduced soon after, a young family on their first family vacation and like most; it is not going too well. That all seems to change when a carnival soon comes into view and everyone is excited by the prospect of having a bit of fun. Taking its cue from the many films that see people head off-road only to encounter things they never wished they did, the story finds the carnival a very bad idea and a place that the family should have avoided. Problem number two arrives in the form of a stolen vehicle with the book then leaving them off with problem number three. If there is one person that knows horror, it is Steve Niles and he presents a different kind of horror with this title than what he has offered previously. What makes it a little scarier than the norm, is the fact that it involves a young couple and their son. One already knows that bad things are going to happen because of that and by factoring in the desert location, the carnival and the abandoned town, not to mention the Satanists or whatever those people were from the beginning of the story and things are looking pretty grim indeed. Winnebago Graveyard is your classic American Nightmare, that type of story that finds a family being tested to their limits and one that will see love overcome the evil in front of them. This being the first issue though, none of that has come to pass and Niles likes to throw a wrench into the works every now and then, so if one is expecting a happy ending come the end of it all, not doing so might be a safer bet. With beautiful artwork by Sampson, highlighted by the very moody colouring of Stephane Paitreau, Winnebago Graveyard is off to a great start.

Worth It? – Yes

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