Sunday Sessions – Pinkpop 2017

Pinkpop has come and gone once again for another year and it featured a lot of great artists gracing the stage back in Landgraaf, among them Martin Garrix, Rancid, Richard Ashcroft, Kings of Leon, Green Day, Sum 41, Liam Gallagher, System of a Down and more. It was, by all accounts, a success and one more summer festival in a long line of summer festivals that was all but guaranteed to entertain those in attendance.  The great thing about Pinkpop is the fact that it does not focus upon just one type of music, perhaps being even more eclectic in its genres than even the BBC’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend.  It also helps that Pinkpop runs for three days, usually the standard for a festival, though some do two, and gives attendees even more choice over who to see, though at times, it is frustrating as with four stages, sacrifices have to be made.  Still, it is a festival worth attending if one is able to, filled with fun times and great music.

White Lies

System of a Down

Richard Ashcroft


Biffy Clyro

The Charm The Fury

Clean Bandit

Sean Paul

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