Saturday Soundtracks – The Fog

The Fog released in 1980 was a movie directed by John Carpenter and not only did he helm the film, he also scored the soundtrack. One does not often see a director pull double-duty like that, but Carpenter knew what he wanted and the result could not have been any better. Like the movie itself, the soundtrack is an eerie listen; slow, subtle and spooky. Even without seeing the film and listening to the score all on its own, it is slightly frightening at times. It brings to mind all sorts of horrors; never mind the ghosts hiding within the fog as it rolls in, such is the power of Carpenter’s music and it completely entrances the listener. What makes it all work so well is the simplicity of it. There is no bombastic orchestra, no heavy metal, no retrowave/new wave or what have one. For the most part, there is just a piano, though at times, other instruments and special effects come into play to enhance the track, a good example being Knock at the Door. Other cuts like the aptly titled Revenge scale the tension up so that listeners immediately know that nothing good is going to happen, striking a chord that breaks the harmony of the previous pieces on the album. Even the End Credits chill just a little, giving the impression that things went down, pretty bad things, but they are over now and all will be okay, or at least they might be. Like the movie itself, the soundtrack for The Fog probably does not get as much love as it should, but it is definitely worth the listen, whether it be on those foggy days or not.



01. Ghost Story
02. The Journal
03. Seagrass Attack
04. Andy On The Beach
05. Where’s The Seagrass?
06. Stevie’s Lighthouse
07. Something To Show You
08. An Evil Plan
09. Weatherman
10. Walk To Lighthouse
11. Dane
12. Morgue
13. The Fog Approaches
14. Knock At The Door
15. Fog Reflection
16. Andy’s In Trouble
17. The Fog Enters Town
18. Revenge
19. Number 6
20. The Fog End Credits

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