Issue by Issue – The Demon #14

Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer

In this issue of The Demon, Jack Kirby brings back Klarion the Witchboy who causes nothing but havoc for Jason Blood and his alter-ego. After the Demon got rid of him the last time, Klarion has been itching to return so that he might take his vengeance upon the two. It was not easy, but not here he is and for Jason Blood, it spells nothing but trouble. If it is at all possible, Kirby makes Klarion seem even more mischievous than he was the last time and more dangerous as well. Klarion wants Jason and the Demon gone for good and he means that in a literal sense as he casts a spell to summon forth a doppelganger that will only get stronger as the night goes on while the Demon and Jason get weaker, fading from existence with each passing moment. To that effect, Klarion sends the clone on his way to cause all sorts of trouble for Jason’s friends, and by doing so, delaying the Demon so that the spell can work its magic. So it is that Harry Matthews is the first to be on the receiving end of the doppelganger’s machinations, then on to Randu Singh and finally Glenda, where it is discovered that the Demon might have taken too long in trying to defeat his opponent. The book is packed with action from start to finish and not only is Kirby’s story a good one, but his artwork is absolutely amazing – his imagination knowing no limits. That fact is plainly evident during the opening prelude of the book where the Demon confronts Gargora, the She-Beast with a Thousand Heads. It is a fantastic visual and starts the book off on the right path with not only a good dose of horror, but excitement at what could follow. What is continuing to be most interesting in this title is the simple fact that the Demon seems to have mellowed out somewhat. Where the Demon used to be just that and a monster in his own right, now he seems to have grown a little softer as he shows concern for the friends of Jason Blood where before, he would not have done so. Whether that has to do with Jason’s influence growing within the creature or the absence of Merlin playing an integral part, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely intriguing. This was yet another great story from the mind of Kirby, one that leaves the book off on a cliff-hanger, begging the reader to come back for more.

4 out of 5

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