Sunday Sessions – BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend Introducing Stage

While the Big Weekend hosted by Radio 1 lays claim to a lot of big-name talent, it also features a lot of new and independent artists on their Introducing stage. Though they might only be the warm-up acts for what comes later on in the day, some of the best music can be found from these performers, many of whom may be new to audiences. If there is one thing that British festivals are exceptionally good at, it is the promotion of the up and comer, those who might be posed to be the star of tomorrow. Check out some of these acts below and perhaps discover a new favourite.


LIFE – Popular Music
Stevie Parker – Without You
The Modern Strangers – Hot Rain
Declan McKenna – Brazil
The Hubbards – Just Touch
Superfood – I Can’t See
Chiedu Oraka – Flex
Seramic – Found
The Big Moon – Sucker
Krrum – Evil Twin
Flawes – Don’t Wait For Me
Shells – Jailbird
Brand New Friend – Cold
Jack Conman – Greatly Hasty
Our Girl – Boring
Mullally – She Don’t Know Me
Haarm – In the Wild
Freak – I Like to Smile When I’m Sad
Cosima – Girls Who Get Ready
Lumer – BURN / BLEED
Zuzu – Get Off

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