Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Starfunkel: A Mixtape From the Caribbean

With this Monday’s mix, the title is fairly self-explanatory, it being a mixtape featuring Caribbean music. Starfunkel has been releasing quite a few of these gems, focusing upon different regions of the world and they make for extraordinary listening. Give this one a shot and you are sure to be pleasantly surprised.


0:42 The Nassauvians – Slacking Off
3:50 The Goretti Group With Dennis De Souza Trio – Of My Hands
7:06 Jennifer Lara – I Am In Love
10:30 Los Brito – El 4 5 6
13:08 Irakere – Bacalao Con Pan
16:36 Merchant – Instant Funk
22:02 Stanley Shaw – Groovy Beat
25:05 Gerard PJ Browne – Sexy Lady
29:38 Nadie La Fond – Hot For Your Love
33:23 Michael Boothman Feat. Charmaine Forde – What You Won’t Do For Love
42:01 Yoruba Singers – Black Pepper
46:47 Colleen Grant – Latin Parang
52:30 Grupo Los Yoyi – Paco La Calle
56:28 Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe – Let’s Stay Up Vikings
1:00:54 The Beginning Of The End – In The Deep
1:05:50 Eddie Hooper – Pass It On

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