Four Colour Thoughts – Generation X #1

The Creators – Christina Strain – Writer, Amilcar Pinna – Artist, Felipe Sobreiro – Colours, VC’s Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Jubilee, Bling!, Kid Omega, Nature Girl, Morph, Hindsight, Eye-Boy, Kitty Pryde, Chamber

The Story – Most recently, the Xavier Institute has been reopened with Kitty Pryde as its headmistress and now she would like Jubilee to lend a helping hand.

The Take – In one sense, this new iteration of Generation X is much like its predecessor, filled with the younger generation of X-Men, not to mention fun, infighting and hijinks. Some things never seem to change no matter how much time has passed at the school and when it comes down to it, as a reader, it is just like coming home. Having Jubilee join what will most likely be a team is a must as she was the heart and soul of the original group, something Christina Strain seems to understand. There are some new faces amongst the students, not to mention some familiar ones that many will recognize from Wolverine’s time as the headmaster, as well as Grant Morrison’s run with the mutants. Last seen, Jubilee was having quite the time with Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat and now has decided to try something else, perhaps give a little back of what she herself received. With Shogo in tow, and spending not even a full day back at the Academy, she can see that her work is going to be cut out for her, but also quite rewarding. Surprisingly, the book is fairly new reader-friendly, most of those who will be starring in the book being introduced, albeit in a fight against Quentin Quire along with some established faces like Eye-Boy for one. This is the perfect kind of title to introduce the next big character of tomorrow, having a mix of old and new appear alongside each other and while it has been done in the past in many different books, it never hurts to try again as this creative team could be the one to make it work. Could Bling! enchant new and future readers? Will Nature Girl be the next Deadpool? So far, Strain is doing a good job of it and she makes a person want to read more. As far as the artwork is concerned, Amilcar Pinna is like a breath of fresh air. The expressive nature of the his work is a perfect fit for the title, unlike anything the X-Universe has seen in a while and fits the mold from which Generation X was originally conceived and represented at the time. Though it is only a first issue, it holds a lot of promise and is worth giving a shot.

Worth It? – Yes

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