Four Colour Thoughts – Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken #1

The Creators – David Tipton & Scott Tipton – Writer, J.K. Woodward – Artist, AndWorld Design – Letters

The Players – Captain Picard, Commander Data, Inquisitor Troi, Lieutenant Barclay, Geordi LaForge

The Story – In the Mirror Universe first discovered by Captain Kirk, things for the Empire are not going as smoothly as they once did. The Cardassians and the Klingons have driven the Empire back to Earth, their fleet barely holding it together. But there is rumour of a phantom ship being designed, that is until Data retrieves information proving that it is real. It gives Picard hope, now all that remains is securing it.

The Take – There have been more than a few stories over the years both in print and on-screen dealing with the Mirror Universe and this one seeming to be just another of the same. Thankfully, Scott and David Tipton with artist J.K. Woodward have crafted an excellent story, one that finds Captain Picard barely holding his crew and his ship together as they flounder about in the Alpha Quadrant with nothing to do. The Empire was originally a fighting force, out to conquer and rule with nothing standing in its way. Thanks to James T. Kirk, that all changed and now, many years later, the Empire is all but crushed. The Tipton’s set up the directionless mission of Picard and his crew perfectly, making it the ship seem more akin to a powder keg than anything else and it also adds a bit of claustrophobia to the book as well, making the ship feel closed in where anything more than likely could happen.  They also nail the personalities of the characters right on the head, all of them remaining true to what readers know and love about them, but they are slightly different and those changes feel natural instead of forced, which some writers are unable to master. Picard is the same man, the civil, dignified leader of his crew and yet there is a danger about him, a darkness that has yet to be exposed. The man commands respect from all who serve him and in the Empire, one does not rise to the top by being nice. Some of that is revealed when the Stargazer captures the Cardassian ship and Picard orders its crew to be killed, left to the mercy of space. Even Data, who is an android, is quite similar to his counterpart, but as he can only learn from those humans around him and they are members of the Empire, his tendencies are starting to take a darker turn. The artwork by Woodward is as beautiful as ever, the man continually outdoing himself on each successive project. The book not only reads well, but looks incredible and is worth the money for that alone. Altogether, Mirror Broken is a familiar and dependable concept, exciting and fun and excellently executed by its creative team that leaves the reader immediately wanting more. A better start to a series could not have been imagined.

Worth It? – Yes

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