Four Colour Thoughts – No World #1

The Creators – Scott Lobdell – Writer, Jordan Gunderson – Pencils, Mark Roslan & Charlie Mok – Inker, JUANCHOo – Colours

The Players – Miya, Executive Assistant ?

The Story – In the Aftermath of Aspen Universe: Revelations, strange things are happening.

The Take – Aspen has put out a lot of good books over the years from Fathom to Soulfire, Jirni to Bubblegun, the Executive Assistant series to Lola XOXO and more. They have a record of putting out fun, adventurous titles and so when picking up this new offering, one could not help but be excited. It is understood that Scott Lobdell is trying to set up a mystery with this story and he does keep things fairly vague, perhaps even bordering on being too much. The book begins with a tragedy, then cuts to a diner where a woman named Miya is working and where a mysterious woman soon arrives to offer a warning of sorts. There is a little action, a bit of a surprise concerning Miya and a very underwhelming last page that may or may not have been set up to be a cliff-hanger. All in all, it was a decent issue, but it seemed more to fizzle than to excite. The artwork by Jordan Gunderson was great, with nice sharp lines, akin to the usual house-style that Aspen usually sports, but still very much his own which was perhaps, the best part of it all. What would have been nice to see was at least an introduction of some sort to the mysterious woman who entered the picture. For new readers, it might have worked a bit better, but for long-time followers of Aspen’s line of titles, they would know her to be an Executive Assistant, the question being – which one? Additionally, there is so little given, aside from the beginning chapter that one has to wonder exactly what is going on and just where it is going. There is a definite John Wick-vibe going on, but things are simply too ambiguous and it leaves the reader feeling a little unsatisfied. Despite its vagaries, there is enough meat on the bone to warrant coming back to see what Lobdell and company might have in store, but it will have to be good to continue riding out the whole series.

Worth It? – Conditional Yes.

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