Four Colour Thoughts – Redneck #1

The Creators – Donny Cates – Writer, Lisandro Estherren – Artist, Dee Cunniffe – Colours, Joe Sabino – Letters

The Players – The Bowman Family, Father Landry

The Story – The Bowman’s are a family of vampires who have lived a long time. When a few of the kids head out for a night on the town, they get into more trouble than expected, running into long-time enemies the Landry’s. Things get a little more than stirred up.

The Take – There have been many stories based on and around vampires and sometimes when it seems like there is nothing new to say, someone comes around to do just that. In this instance, that man is Donny Cates and by saying something new about the genre, he does not really say anything about it at all. This is not a story about vampires, though vampires may be its leading characters. In his afterward, Cates calls this a story of blood, the kind that cuts deep over generations. Bad blood. That fact comes across during the latter half of the book as a few of the Bowman’s stir up a little more trouble at a strip club, thereby running into Father Landry. Things go south from there as Bartlett cannot leave things alone and that feud that has been running between the two clans for generations comes home to roost. The story is a good one, filled with history, characterization and introductions to all the people, places and plot points that are essential to know going forward. Tagging along with Cates is Lisandro Estherren who provides some very polished artwork, though with a bit of grime to it – like a cross between a Mignola-verse title and Howard Chaykin, and the man could not be in better company. As a horror title, it starts out a little low-key, but by the end of the issue, it definitely manifests and one can easily tell that, though the book may be mainly about one type of blood, there will be no shortage of the other. With a completely engrossing script and some great pencils, the story looks like it is just touching the tip of the iceberg as to where it could go and it should be a lot of fun finding out which rabbit hole the creative team chooses.

Worth It? – Yes

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  1. Interesting. I’m kind of burned out on vampires but like how you framed this – only coincidentally starring vampires, but really “about” something else.

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