Four Colour Thoughts – Secret Empire #0

The Creators – Nick Spencer – Writer, Daniel Acuña, Rod Reis – Artist, VC’s Travis Lanham – Letters

The Players – Steve Rogers (Captain America, Supreme Leader of Hydra), Sharon Carter, Ironheart, Iron Man (Tony Stark A.I.), Baron Zemo, Captain Marvel, a lot of heroes, a lot of villains

The Story – During the events of Avengers Standoff, the Red Skull used Kobik – the sentient Cosmic Cube, to rewrite history, making Steve Rogers an agent Hydra. After many stories and many issues later, that plot point comes to fruition as Steve puts all of his plans into motion, culminating in nothing short of ruling the world.

The Take – Nick Spencer has been doing an amazing job chronicling the adventures of Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers over the course of their respective series and in the case of the latter, creating a fair amount of controversy along the way. As far as Marvel’s big events go, Secret Wars was the last that felt important or was exciting in any way. It is good to say then that Spencer has made this first issue just that – exciting, meaningful, suspenseful and action-packed. He brings Daniel Acuña along for the ride and the book is beautiful because of it. The two craft a story that has been long in the making, one that finds Steve Rogers fulfill his destiny as the Supreme Leader of Hydra, the organization that had been all but disbanded until the Red Skull came along and now that he is out of the picture, Captain America stands poised upon the hill. This book has all the right ingredients to make it a hit – the subjugation of New York, the exile of many of Earth’s mightiest heroes, bad guys, intricate plans, history, betrayal and the villain revealed. It makes the reader wonder if there is any coming back from this, if there is anything that the remaining heroes can do, especially against a man that knows all of their secrets. There are some wild cards like Bucky (if he is even alive), Baron Zemo and Kobik among others that could prove a threat, and for the moment, that remains to be seen. Everything has been orchestrated to perfection and the Marvel Universe has seen nothing like this before, and it is by all accounts, an amazing turn of events, essentially enacted by one person, though one trained to be all that he could be. By the end of everything, Spencer and company have crafted an exhilarating tale that may just have readers proclaiming ‘Hail Hydra!’

Worth it? – Yes (5 out of 5)

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  1. Great review and a well deserved 5/5, this was one of the best Marvel books I’ve read in a while (totally agree with you that Secret Wars was the last good and important Marvel event). I’ve been enjoying both of the Captain America titles, even given the controversy of the Steve Rogers series at the moment, and look forwarding to seeing how Secret Empire unfolds.

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