Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #60

Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Dan Green
Inker – Terry Austin
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Janice Chiang

The search for Dracula continues and what better way than to seek out the Darkhold, the mystical book that Dracula covets more than anything else at the moment. To that end, Doctor Strange seeks out the Scarlet Witch – the last known person to come into contact with the Darkhold and it is there that he learns where the book is hidden. And where does Roger Stern and Dan Green place such an object? In Avengers Mansion of course, and normally it would most likely be the most secure place one could ever think of, but when it comes to the Lord of the Undead, there are no guarantees. If there were ever a time that readers were to fantasize what would happen when Dracula faced off against the Avengers, Stern makes it happen here and while the heavy-hitters like Thor and Captain America are preoccupied elsewhere, Captain Marvel, the Scarlet Witch and Jarvis are on the job. It also does not hurt that Doctor Strange is on the scene and has brought along Hannibal King too. There is nothing that Dracula would not do to get ahold of that tome of magical knowledge and so he recruits hordes of people to swarm the mansion and override its defenses, summoning the creatures of the night to invade its bowels, leaving him to seek the book out – unfettered as it were. Things do not always go according to plan though and Strange has already discovered where the book lay hidden and as Dracula approaches, the mage works feverishly to remove it from the Mansion. It is a nail-biting moment and the book is packed full of action and excitement. Green’s pencils are the best they have been in the title thus far and whether it was the events taking place that brought them forth or simply the man biding his time, seeing Strange battle Dracula under his hand is a good thing. The one thing that does not happen in this book is the defeat of the monster and that is an ending that everyone can love as it means more of the Vampire Lord going forward. Just how will Strange defeat Dracula though and will the Darkhold come into play again? The man is always formidable, but getting his hands on the book can mean nothing good. Thankfully Stephen Strange is determined to stop him.

4 out of 5

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  1. Yay, my 1st Doctor Strange back ish!
    Got it for th Scarlet Witch & Cap Marvel cameos – I think Dracula has been overused in books, movies, comics, etc., so wasn’t too keen to see him here
    Still, as an intro to th work of Stern & Green, it was a good start

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