Four Colour Thoughts – Weapon X #1

The Creators – Greg Pak – Writer, Greg Land – Artist, Jay Leisten – Inker, Frank D’Armata – Colours, VC’s Joe Caramagna – Letters

The Players – Old Man Logan (Wolverine), Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike

The Story – A shadowy organisation are sending killer androids to capture Wolverine and Sabretooth.

The Take – While the first issue of Weapon X is a little light on story, it is heavy on the action and Greg Land does a great job at bringing it to life. That amount of action might be the only flaw of the entire thing as the book flies by so quickly, it literally only takes a couple of minutes to read the entirety of the book, maybe three. That being said, the issue was by no means bad, far from it. Seeing Old Man Logan fight off killer robots is always a good thing, though these ones are a different class altogether. Greg Pak shows us their origin which leads back to Lady Deathstrike who is being kept like a lab rat where she is being cloned or harvested to create said beings. In the background, the reader is also made privy to numerous other tubes labelled Wolverine, Sabretooth, Domino and Warpath. Eventually Logan meets up with Sabretooth and just in time as they are once more attacked. For what little there is, Pak does a great job and nails the personalities of the two heroes. One has to wonder though, just what Sabretooth this is – the feral, familiar Sabretooth or the one that had a personality change during AXIS? If it is the former, when did he revert back? For now, with what little there is to go on, it looks as if the two arch-foes will have to stick together in order to find Lady Deathstrike and put a stop to whomever is creating these new killer androids. With a fun story and some really good artwork, Pak and Land make this book a must-buy and more importantly, it makes the reader want to come back for more and find out just what is going on.

Worth It? – Yes

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