Four Colour Thoughts – Royals #1

The Creators – Al Ewing – Writer, Jonboy Meyers – Artist, Ryan Kinnaird – Colours, VC’s Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Medusa, Black Bolt, Gorgon, Lockjaw, Marvel Boy, Crystal, Flint, Iso, Swain

The Story – The Inhuman Royal Family, minus Karnak and Triton, and including Flint and Swain among them, have decided to take Marvel Boy up on his offer to travel to the stars in order to discover just who it is they are and what their future might be, if any.

The Take – Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers start off the new era for Marvel’s Inhumans with a look to the future, both literally and thematically. The book looks forward five thousand years to a time when only Black Bolt remains as the last living Inhuman and reflects back upon what can only be the story the creators are about to tell. It then continues straight off from where IVX and Inhumans Prime left the story, with the Royal Family abdicating the throne and now finding themselves a little directionless. It is a good thing then that Marvel Boy showed up with the promise of not only a grand adventure, but answers to what can only be a future. Black Bolt is as silent and introspective as ever, under Ewing’s pen while Medusa is troubled and there is a very good reason for her feeling as such which Ewing reveals in the very last panel of the book and leaving it on a fairly large cliff-hanger. Unlike much of Ewing’s work, there is no humour present in this book except for perhaps a line or two, and at times, it actually seems a little dour. While Ewing has been known for some extremely exciting and grandiose tales, this first issue is not quite at the level of those previous stories, though one has to have faith in the man as he has never disappointed before. The artwork by Meyers definitely draws the eye in and the colours by Ryan Kinnaird, gives it a little punch to really make it pop. So they are off to space and as far as the reader knows, the future is an uncertain one with dangers unknown in front of them. As it is, the book definitely makes a person want to see where it will go and with these creators at the helm, it should be an extremely fun ride.

Worth It? – Yes

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