Issue by Issue – The Demon #6

Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer

As the story begins, Jason Blood finds himself in a small village, one where superstition reigns and though he finds it hard to believe the villagers on one hand, the fact that he can turn into a demon does not make him dismiss them. Where the last few issues saw Blood and his alter-ego battle various monsters and their masters, this book, while still delivering some of the same, focuses it around a different plot-device and in this case, a curse. Jack Kirby has given the reader much during the course of the series and he continues to do so while putting his own spin on a fan-favourite creature – the werewolf. What makes this particular monster a little different than the norm is the host in this case, who desperately needs to pass on its curse and not through infection, but through transference. There is no multiplication of creatures, merely one that is bestial enough to make its owner want to be free of it more than desperately. Jason Blood has faced many a foe both as the Demon and in his mortal guise, but this monster is so ferocious that even the Demon is given pause. Making things a little more complicated is that said monster has set its sights on Jason Blood as its next host, which is not a good thing. Kirby poses quite the conundrum with this scenario as the reader already knows that Jason is possessed by one entity. Could he be possessed by two or would they battle it out with one ultimately being excised? It would definitely be exciting to see, but before it can reach that point, the Demon emerges to prevent it from even happening. What Kirby does do with this book is give it a satisfactory ending, though he does leave the door open for a future confrontation and should one manifest, it should be quite interesting indeed.

4 out of 5

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