Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #56

Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Paul Smith
Inker – Terry Austin
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Jim Novak

Where the good doctor was a mess of a man in the previous issue due to Clea’s leaving, this one, perhaps after a little time has passed, finds the man doing well or at the very least, a little better than he has been of late. It also finds Morgana Blessing arriving on his doorstep to do a video interview with a full camera crew and much to Wong’s surprise, Strange agrees to the entire thing. Once again, the book delivers another look back at the origins of Stephen Strange, though Roger Stern makes sure that it is swift and to the point, not dwelling too long upon the subject as it has been retread upon numerous times throughout the series. After recounting the various foes he has fought throughout his life as the Sorcerer Supreme to Morgana, he then reveals that he knows the camera crew are more of the same villains that he has bested in the past and that he can see through their illusion. So it is that Demonicus, Adria and Kaecilius try to get the best of the Doctor, but being in the man’s very own stronghold, it is perhaps the worst mistake they have ever made. Though Stern starts things off a little slowly during the first half of the book, they pick up during the latter and it features a strong and confidant Doctor Strange. It is almost as if the tragedy of Clea’s leaving had never taken place, so sure of himself does Stephen seem and the man makes short work of the villains, though truth be told, they were their worst enemies in this particular case. Part of this new Stephen Strange is the fact that he has accepted Clea’s leave-taking finally and is trying to do what she said and perhaps give himself a chance at happiness with a mortal woman, specifically Morgana – though for the moment, as he states to her, it has to be as friends. So with a Stephen Strange that is a single man, one on the mend and regaining both his strength and his self-esteem, perhaps this will mark a turning point in his life and lead to bigger and better things.

3 out of 5

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  1. Your insightful Doctor Strange reviews are certainly making me more and more interested in checking out some of Roger Stern’s work on the title! How do you find Paul Smith’s art in comparison to Marshall Rogers?

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    • Smith is similar to Rodgers and both are good, but I preferred Rodgers’ Batman work to his Dr. Strange work and as for Smith, I liked Leave it to Chance more than this. Art, like everything, is subjective and comes down to personal opinion – some people might prefer the very clean lines of Rodgers and Smith, but for myself, after reading all of the issues previous, I like the grittier and more horror-infused artwork that came previous.

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