Trouble Comes in Many Forms – Curse III : Blood Sacrifice (1991)

After some alien goo and a mutated snake-man, there was only one obvious place for the Curse series to go – a blood sacrifice. The story finds the main character Elizabeth as played by Jenilee Harrison, interrupting an African ritual involving said blood sacrifice of the title and manages to get herself cursed, discovering that it is not only she that will pay the price, but anyone associated with her. As one could expect, what follows is quite a bit of blood as a monster is called forth and sent after her and whether she survives remains to be seen.

Director Sean Barton manages to do a decent enough job with Blood Sacrifice, creating something completely different to what came before and it definitely sets itself apart by featuring an actual curse. The movies that came before might have been called The Curse, but it is only with this one that the word is taken literally. There is a monster in the picture of course, one that was far scarier when it was heard rather than seen. The randomness of the attacks gave the film a bit of tension and when coupled with Harrison’s performance, which at times was a little hammy, it managed to sell the fright that the film was going for. More than any others, the scene that would take place in the cane fields as Elizabeth was being chased by the creature would be especially suspenseful and scarier than most. The fact that anything could happen at any given time, created a palpable feeling of dread.

Despite hosting some horrific moments throughout, they did not help the film from being somewhat of a letdown as it ventured into familiar creature-feature territory. There was nothing to really distinguish it from other 1950’s monster movies other than it being filmed in 1991 and featuring a surprise appearance by Christopher Lee. That alone bolsters the film’s reputation, but still not enough to save it from mediocrity. Perhaps if he had been given a larger role to offset the rather lacklustre performances from the rest of the cast it would have made more of a difference, but such as it was, the picture was only okay.

No matter what the films in this particular series might tackle, none of them can seem to find that one thing that will make them truly great. While some sequels tend to rise to the occasion, Blood Sacrifice does not and though it does not mean it is a terrible movie, it is also not the best it could have been.

2.5 out of 5

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